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HWC Equipment

HWC deals with all sorts of items related to public safety. Be it law enforcement department or any security agency, we offer a diverse range of HWC equipment to enable officials easily carry out their jobs. Our catalog will take you into a whole new world of security Badges, Emblems, Handcuffs and Restraints, Night Sticks, Vehicle Lights and other related accessories. There's something for every security job at our store. While our comprehensive range of badges includes breast badge, security special officer badge, bail enforcement badge, black mourning badge, concealed weapons permit shield badge and any kind of customized badge, our emblem category page is equally diverse displaying hundreds of items in various designs. You can browse through our extensive catalog to check-out which best suits your requirement. Besides, our full-fledged collection of high gloss gear, duty belts, leather gear, nylon gear, whistles and handcuffs will withstand whatever you can put them through. We assure to give you reliable and maintenance free HWC equipment, which can run for years to come.
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